Firm Hosts Sioux Falls Design Week Event

Koch Hazard Architects hosted a Downtown Scavenger Hunt as the kick-off event for Sioux Falls Design Week.

Koch Hazard Architects hosted an event for Sioux Falls Design Week in October. This year, KHA hosted a Downtown Scavenger Hunt. Participants were required to decipher clues and take a selfie from a specific viewpoint once they reached the clue destination. Adam and Kevin, from the Siouxland Heritage Museum, were the winners guessing all 16 clues and capturing all 16 selfies from the correct viewpoint in 34 minutes. They each received a $20 gift card to Queen City Bakery. 12 teams participated.

Building’s featured on the tour:

  • Sioux Falls Design Center (Clue: Home of Sioux Falls Design Week!)
  • KSFY in Courthouse Square (Clue: Hang with Cable.)
  • Bros Bistro in Southwestern (Clue: Have a burger with your bro.)
  • The Carpenter Building (Clue: Where Tim the Tool man gets his mail.)
  • Kresge Building (Clue: Once a 5 & Dime.)
  • Beach Pay (Clue: Oldest commercial building in Sioux Falls.)
  • Prairie Berry East Bank in the Frank Building (Clue: Have a glass of red ass.)
  • Illinois Central Depot (Clue: All aboard!)
  • Cherapa Place (Clue: Named after a buffalo sculpture.)
  • Raven Industries (Clue: …’Then the bird said “Nevermore”.’)
  • Orpheum Theater (Clue: For $5 a seat, patrons enjoyed a full night of entertainment at this venue’s grand opening in 1913.)
  • Jones Seed Co. (Clue: A comic strip, first published in 1913, helped coined the famous phrase, “Keeping up with the …”.)
  • Falls Center (Clue: 431)
  • Falls Park Arches (Clue: Arch portal to cataracts.)
  • Museum of Visual Materials (Clue: First LEED Platinum building in South Dakota.)
  • Icon Lounge (Compare your answers with Abraham Lincoln.)

Sioux Falls Design Week is hosted by the Sioux Falls Design Center.

The Sioux Falls Design Center is a non-profit organization hoping to build connections among diverse people and organizations interested in design in Sioux Falls and South Dakota. The main objective of the SFDC is to build connections in the community that are focused, involved or otherwise interested in design. This includes planners, architects, interior designers, engineers, landscape architects, artists, community leaders, and the greater public.