Brandon Valley Ice Rink Achieves Remarkable Project Savings

The team’s diligence and perseverance through volatile market conditions and fundraising challenges paid off in a final construction cost of $5.5 million- a remarkable feat when similar sized facilities are averaging over $10 million in recent years.

The Brandon Valley Hockey Association (BVHA) approached Koch Hazard for fresh look at their facility plan in 2021, with an eye toward getting the best facility on a bare-bones budget. BVHA had already partnered with Gil Haugan Construction, so the team began evaluating the entire project for potential cost savings.

An extensive site search came full circle, landing back at Aspen Park in Brandon after an agreement was reached with the city. Considerations from the various city departments included deferred pavement for the parking lot, allowing future group restrooms, a holding tank for ice melt water, and help in coordinating utilities to the site. While site selection was underway, the group considered different structural systems including steel and precast- eventually choosing a pre-engineered metal building system as the best value. The building envelope will be hybrid of insulated metal panel roofing to eliminate condensation concerns above the rink, with traditional metal building insulation at the walls to lower costs. Phase 1 build-outs were limited to support spaces and restrooms, with planned future locker rooms, concessions, lobby space, and spectator mezzanine. Mechanical and electrical systems are planned for all future work, while limiting expense for the initial construction.

The BVHA did not want to cut corners on the ice system, and B32 Engineering designed a state-of-the-art plant that utilizes environmentally friendly coolants to avoid eminent phase-out of other chemicals. The facility is designed for year-round ice, with the phase 1 equipment package allowing use during the October-March hockey season.