Plain Awesome

Tossed out, flushed, drained, ditched, dumped, discarded, disposed of, scrapped, and thrown away. Away. We have a lot of terms for removing what we no longer have use for. Among them, perhaps the most convenient is “away.” But where is […]

World’s Greatest Challenges

As the sun rises over the downtown Sioux Falls skyline and across the Big Sioux River, light passes through the glass overlook that protrudes from the first floor of Raven headquarters. From inside the overlook, you’re graced with a stunning view […]

KHA Recognized as Green Business Leader

Koch Hazard Architects has been named a Green Business Leader by the City of Sioux Falls in its pilot Green Business Certification program. KHA scored high in general standards, waste, energy conservation, pollution prevention and social sustainability categories. The City’s […]

KHA LEEDS South Dakota

This is LEED. Better buildings for our legacy. Koch Hazard Architects designed South Dakota’s first LEED Gold building, LEED Platinum building and first LEED Platinum new building. Currently, KHA has two LEED projects in progress and two on hold. KHA […]

DSPC LEED Certified

The Denny Sanford Premier Center is LEED Certified, one of less than 50 arenas in the nation to achieve this standard. Sustainable features include: LED sports lighting Low-flow restroom fixtures Local quartzite Constructed with 80% local labor

Raven Certified Gold

Raven Industries Headquarters is officially a LEED Gold Certified facility. The project submitted 61 total points with all credits being approved. Raven is Koch Hazard’s 13th LEED certified facility. The firm currently has three others in progress. The LEED certification […]

Certified Gold

The City of Sioux Falls Public Works Division Environmental Education Center is officially a LEED Gold facility and the City’s first LEED project. By utilizing green strategies, the City facility was projected to save 30 percent in water efficiencies and […]