Sioux Falls Food Co+op


Client: Sioux Falls Food Co | Locations: Sioux Falls, SD
Date of Completion: 2015 (Phase I) | 2021 (Phase II) | Area: 8,036 (Phase II)

Phase II: Koch Hazard Architects worked with Fiegen Construction for the expansion of the market’s current location. The expansion fills the vacated west half of the building, adding a full service kitchen, eat-in deli and greatly expanded grocery offerings.  The project extends the aesthetics of the original renovation for both the interior and exterior, resulting in a cohesive retail space that feels comfortable, inviting and fresh.

Phase I: Koch Hazard Architects worked with Beckman Construction on a major renovation and expansion of the market’s current location (a former Video Gallery), after a fire destroyed the Sioux Falls grocer’s former location. Koch Hazard also worked with National Cooperative Grocers to transform this once-temporary location into a bigger permanent home. The renovation and expansion will feature fast-casual dining, added refrigeration, a larger produce area and room for future expansion.

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