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Venture Elementary School

Client: Tea School District | Location: Tea, SD

Date of Completion: 2019 | Area: 80,000 s.f.

Venture Elementary is a new four-section, 80,000 s.f. elementary school serving the growing south side of Tea, SD.  The school is sited to take advantage of shared parking with the growing city sports complex across 7th Street, and address primary traffic from the north.  Future drives are planned to connect to the surrounding residential development when progress allows.  The school offers full support spaces for junior Kindergarten through 5th grade, including a full kitchen, special education, music, computer technology and media center.  The building includes a storm shelter for all occupants and a three-court gymnasium that will double as community center space on nights and weekends. The school is planned for a variety of expansion options as the district continues to grow.